Tricia Wishard

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship” -Buddha

Patricia Wishard

Certified Massage Therapist,Skincare Specialist and Owner of Akasa Mind & Bodyhealth

Hello! It is truly a dream come true for me to be in the field of helping bodies overcome the environment and stress put upon them. I see the wear and tear on our bodies which sometimes is just simply a nature of aging and something I struggle with each and every day, truly! And so my dream to help people reach health goals has breached its opportunity. I responded…….. and I want my response to benefit you, whoever you are!!

My desire is to educate and gather resources for all who come to my healing space. Our common bond of humanhood should allow us all a variety of experiences when connecting, that in a perfect should diminish stress. So, it is incumbant upon me to supply this community with practioners that care deeply about the whole “Bodymind” experience. That is the support we need today, it is paramount!

As you get to know me, I think you will find that I’m a calm and humble woman who sincerely enjoys laughter and I seek to expend a joyful spirit, a calmness and an awareness of just how wonderful you are!! I hope you find me open-minded as I am motivated by love and acceptance of every human being that I encounter.

The following principals, guide me on my journey to help those that I am so privileged to work with:

Community – I grew up in a great community of the Highlands neighborhood in North Denver. It was instilled in me a need for connection and a sense of self. My education reminds me every day of how interconnected we are and how much we benefit from supporting, giving and receiving from one another. You see, you have a lot to bring to the table!

Healthcare – Holistic Care is at the forefront of wiping out so-called “diseases”. So much so that I believe that people who don’t care about what our bodies are experiencing, would like to control our ability to shop for supplements, herbal remedies and self-maintainence.  The passing of the law to make CBD “Charlottes Web” available to families to treat children with seizures was a big step for Colorado and now the use of hemp products for its CBDs is available to the entire U.S. and some other parts of the world.  I aim to fight for universal healthcare coverage because we can then possibly preclude alternative medicines and healing!  I desire to live in a country that allows alternative choices in their societies healthcare for all ages and all people.

Simplicity – My background and lifestyle struggles have brought me to a full-forced effort to simplify my life because I know that simplicity will counteract stress that we encounter in this highly evolving society. Simplicity can help your mind and body come to a state of homeostasis, which to us practioners means you are able to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting physiological processes. If we simplify our lives everything becomes more sustainable and that’s key to vibrant living!

Safety and Intention – It is my sincerest intention to ensure a sense of safety and well-being, trust and respect to your boundaries. I strive to gain a deep understanding of your processes so that when you are in session, your experience gives way for time with your mind and body.

I graduated from Heritage College with an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies in ’07 and recently graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in July ‘11 as a Massage Therapist.